Quality Policy Statement

Tauber Brothers Tool And Stamping Company ensures that our employees understand and participate in continuous improvement activities as a normal way of doing business.

Our primary target is Customer Satisfaction.

Our business practices start with having a clear understanding of the customer order and ensuring our delivered products and services meet the customer requirements prior to shipment.

We are committed to delivering products and services on time and at a competitive price.

Our product and service outputs shall exhibit high quality and consistency as measured against the customer’s order, design and workmanship standards.

Customers, employees and suppliers are critical to our success and shall be treated fairly and with respect.

The accuracy and completeness of product documentation and hardware are equally important.

Internal manufacturing processes and procured raw materials shall be environmentally safe.

Approved: Quality Council

We also believe that the very basis of quality stems from creating an open and continuous communication with our customers. Starting with our PPAP submission. Tauber Brothers Tool And Stamping Co. strives to ensure that the control plans we lay out satisfy our customer’s needs. Delivery is also a part of our quality process. On-time shipments and accurate quantities are monitored as they become an essential part of ensuring all demands are met efficiently. This continues with cost saving efforts to strengthen our ability to serve. Finally, we follow through with troubleshooting ideas to address any customer questions or concerns.